Back home for now

Last night we came back from Dimona to Be’er Sheva Centre – thus completing a trip to every one of the railroad terminii.  Eh, mispelled that, didn’t I?  Well, anyway, the end or terminus of each of the railway lines in Israel.

When I got home I was too tired to do anything but sleep.  Okay, I did record what we spent on the trip.  But I just crashed, hard.  And now we are off to Sderot to take the train to the Rosh HaAyin shuk, famous in song and story.  Okay, not really.  😉  But we are going, it is a little tiyul with the two youngest coming with us.  Many and heartfelt thanks to oldest son, without him staying home and taking care of the house and critters and driving and all, we could not have taken this trip, or any other.  Thank you!

Tonight after the shuk I may or may not have time to start sorting my notes and writing the rest of the tiyul, but we have gone around Israel by rail.

Sneaky devils that they are, next week a new station is opening in the north, so then we *won’t* have been all around Israel by rail, missing the station at Rosh HaNikra.  TH and I are planning a tiyul (that mean outing, or trip, or stroll, or other words like that) to go to the Rosh HaNikra terminus, also what will then be the northernmost station in Israel, next month.  I need a rest.

I am really sorry (that means I regret, not feel responsible) that my blogging got so mixed up, with some notes on paper and others typed here.  I don’t know if I will be able to sort it out.  But that is for later.  Now I must run and catch a train.  *very big grin*

w/c mom


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