On the train, the wifi is working!

Sot of. I’m on the train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv HaHagganah. We’ve left the hills and trvaeling through fields of corn, wheat, small trees I can’t guess what sort, and so on. It is very beautiful. And quiet. I’ve snuck aboard a regular car so I can sit, and plug in the phone, and since the wifi is working even try a post or two. My ipad is broken and I am using a major kluge of ipad, separate keyboard and iphone. TH says it is crippled blogging and as I am a blogging cripple, perhaps it suits.

This is the sort of train trip I had dreamed of. Long enough to relax and just settle in to the movement of the train, and sound of the wheels, and scenery passing silently, with no rush, no fuss. Israel is so beautifully green this time of year, not scorched and brown. I wish I could visit every single corner and sit on the grass, smell the earth, maybe even (but it would have to be a very easy one) climb a tree. Not much tree-climbing in Israel, more’s the pity.

This has been an incredible opportunity. Without the free rail passes I could never have gone the places I have and visited the places I’ve been. Without TH’s employer telling him to use some vacation time I might never have thought we could do this. E. has gotten to see more of his country, and practice a bit of Hebrew in the ‘real world.’ Neither of us are ready to solo, but every little bit helps.

I think I want to stop typing and just watch the world roll by for a while.

w/c mom


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