On again, off again

Both wifi and trains. It was an incredibly pleasant trip from J’lem to T.A. HaHagannah. At T.A. HaHagganah, I was put on a lift (a ‘malon’) and then they rolled me in the lift across the platform and all the way down to the end of an incredibly long train. TH and E and I were singing Granpa’s song from Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. “OH, the posh, posh traveling life, the traveling life for me!’ It was a terrific hoot. I don’t think a single person on the platform recognized it. That’s Tel Aviv for you.

The trip to Modi’in was uneventful. It did remind me once or twice of travelling on the ‘el’ in Chicago, but the underground parts were way to quiet for that.

It turns out we haven’t a lot of time for visiting in Modi’in or Dimona, not if we are going to catch the last train to take us back to Be’er Sheva. From Be’er Sheva we will go home.

Getting off the train at Modi’in was easy, we didn’t wait for help and TH just slightly lifted the front wheels to bridge the slight gap. We left the station only a few minutes. The skyline was quite pretty and we sat by a little roadside garden and ate a snack, looking about at the blue sky, the pretty buildings, and then turned around and went back.

Back on the exact same train, so we again did it without help. They just need more of these trains. Sadly, the bathroom doesn’t work on this one. The last train I was on had no bathroom, and there wasn’t’ time in the station as the women’s w/c stall was way at the back of a long corridor. Add my various difficulties and it simply wouldn’t work.

And so I am now praying that they will have an accessible restroom at the station in Tel Aviv where we change trains. Everyone knows what it is like to need to go and have no place handy, but for me it is the normal state of things, and really frustrating and annoying on the third day.

Now we’re on the train back to Tel Aviv, and there is nothing new to write about it. May Hashem send a working bathroom.

w/c mom


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