22 January 2014

I tried to send a post last night, but it doesn’t seem to have gotten sent from my iPhone or received by WordPress.  It was just to say I had no internet and couldn’t update last night.  It goes in line with the day I suppose.  Writing now from my brother’s apartment in Beit Meir, with little time because we have to catch a bus to get back to Jerusalem to catch a train.  Here’s what I’ve got so far


Arseholes the lot of ’em.


We left the house late – my fault, a failure of judgment.  I decided to add an audiobook to my iphone and all sorts of hijinx commenced.  By the time the phone had synced three times, we were late.  I should have known better.  Whenever I try to do one small thing at the last minute it takes forever and decides to reformat the hard drive.  Well, it wasnt *quite* that bad…


The irritating thing is that — late as we were, we could have made the train.  If everyone at the station could have just shut up and let us run for it, we would have made it.  *sigh*


I wouldn’t have chosen to spend forty-five minutes sitting on a train platform, but fortunately I have my knitting, we have our books, and we are well suited to being happy pretty much anywhere..  The train is here now, and in standard hurry-up-and-wait fashion we were raced down the platform to stand around, cold because now in the shade, and wait for the station personnel to do something.  TH can get me on the train, but we aren’t ‘allowed’ to do that.  At other stations, no problem, but not here.  *sigh*


On the train – there’s a little nook at the front of the train, like a private room.  🙂   There is a bench seat with our bags on, and the w/c is folded up.  TH and Eliyahu and I are sitting at a tiny little table.  Inadequate so E. is drawing on the table and I am holding the notepad in my right hand.  It works.


A-a-and we’re off!  The bag that hangs on the back of my w/c broke. We will have to buy something to replace it.  We only have 30 minutes changing trains in Tel Aviv, so I guess we’ll walk up to the BIG shopping centre in Beit Shemesh.  BIG is the name of a chain of shopping entres here in Israel.


The biggest problem with not having a w/c accessible car on the train is the lack of a w/c accessible bathroom.  Fortunately I think I can make it to Tel Aviv.


The view is much prettier today out othe train windows.  Less grey.  The train track parallels route 4 so all the scenery is familiar.  It seems the loudness last night was the particular train.


Next stop T.A. HaHagganah.  We were called early this morning to change trains at T.A. HaShalom, because the lift at HaHagganah isn’t working.  at least we know HaShalom already.  Makes everything go more smoothly.  Also, the people there don’t stress – much easier to deal with.


We are moving about the same speed as the traffic.  Sad, we are moving fairly slowly.  Must dash to get everything together now to exit the train.


I really like riding on trains.  I even like being in train stations – at least when I am not aggravated by missing a train I could have caught.  At HaShalom we don’t have to change platforms, so we have a leisurely half hour here.  I am taking photographs as I can.


Train station is in the middle of the Ayalon Highway.  VERY loud here.


I don’t see a w/c accessible bathroom on the platform.  *sigh*  Must make it to Beit Shemesh if there is none on the next train.  I’ve stopped drinking water.


In the realm of briliant design (NOT!) the locked cabinet in which is kept the radio from which the engineer announces the stations is placed so that the door opens into my head.  I have to sit with my back to the window, there is no other choice.  There is a water closet which, if I don’t mind doing it with the door open, I might be transferred to the toilet and back.


Sitting sideways and being bounced sharply back and forth is hard on an already quite full bladder.  There is only one seat which my son can barely sit in.  TH is stuck standing.


And here comes the engineer again.  It isn’t his fault but the complete and utter lack of respect in using the wheelchair cell for luggage and having the radio right over my head is appalling.  So frustrating that I can’t even look out the window but must face the hordes of people almost literally climbing over me as to them (also) I am not a person but merely an obstacle.


The completely ‘non-accessible’ car was better than this.  TH just asked an employee and this car is an older one from the beginning of rail service to J’lem.  So they are hopefully on their way out.  TH thinks this nook was a retrofit…  *sigh*  Whole lotta sighing going on.


The weather is beautiful and the little I can see outside makes me wish I could see more.  A very pretty day.


Thank goodness Beit Shemesh is next.


Beit Shemesh station older, not so clean.  BUT the wheelchair accessible bathroom had a sweet smell unlike any other public restroom I can remember – not chemically at all.  I feel SO much better with an empty bladder – not snarky at all.


We wandered up (uphill all the way) to the BIG where we got some oriental chicken and rice, and bought a new tik – a backpack – to replace the one that broke on the back of my w/c.


A backpack is a *much* more practical bag, and I am very happy with the new situation.


Waiting now at Beit Shemesh for the train to J’lem.  Not a very busy station, not a bad place to wait while TH reads aloud from Farmer Giles of Ham by J.R.R. Tolkien




Much more to write but no more notes in my notepad.  Will have to get to that later, as I must get ready to go.  Hopefully I can find a wifi cafe in J’lem.  Later.


w/c mom


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