Notes on the train, 21 January 2014

After some effort and discussion, T(he) H(usband), Eliyahu and I decided to go back home for the night, and start our travels again tomorrow morning.  We’d caught a train in Petakh Tikvah and were riding to Sderot, the longest single train ride on that line so far.



On the train going home from Petakh Tikvah.  It is the best kind of vacation when one can go home in the middle and restart the next day.



Petakh Tikvah was a bit of a nightmare – they were not ready for us when the train pulled in, and foul, grumpy attitudes were pointed our way.  It may be because we didn’t call ahead, but Petakh Tikvah was the only station where we’ve met that.  I’m used to Israelis being friendly and helpful, but the people on the Israel Railway are exceptional.  I wonder if they all like their jobs?

TH and I tried to phone ahead but it is hard to make concrete plans when you’ve no idea quie where you are (somewhere in Binyamina), not really sure where you want to go, and have no IDEA how long wyou till take there.  We at least have solid plans for tomorrow…  I think.



Very pleasant, drifting along watching the traffic on Highway 4.



Leaving Yavne West.  The rain is *much* louder when going south from Tel Aviv.  I wonder if it is the train or something about the way the track goes.  There is a lot more of tunnels and riding in ‘cuts.’



Pulling into Ashdod, seeing the usual traffic jam and recognizing it but not being stuck in it myself.  Lovely.



I really love the feel of the train.  Gently, sometimes not-so-gently, rocking back and forth.



I’m so glad I found this notepad.  It may be a little more difficult than typing but it doesn’t run out of power, or need wi-fi, or get damaged if I drop it.  I only wish I could do this in Hebrew.  Being left-handed, Hebrew would be much easier to write long-hand.



Watching a family with three small children – reminding me of how much easier it was to take the kids on the train than driving or flying.  Of course that was a couple of decades ago and I was much more functional.



Announcer called ‘Sderot.’  Almost home.  More tomorrow.




TH and I have worked out something of a schedule for tomorrow and phoned Israel Railway  to make our reservations.  Leaving from Sderot on the same train we took Sunday, and going to Beit Shemesh, where we hope to meet up with some friends.  From there going right to Jerusalem.  Maybe we’ll spend time in the city, maybe we’ll head out to my brother’s home and I’ll get to see where he lives for the first time.  We’ve three more days of this vacation and as we are getting the hang of rail travel here in Israel, we can do a much better job of planning, and phoning ahead, and all of that there.


It is a huge bother.  No one else has to give 12 hours notice or have problems getting on and off the cars.  Anyone else is free to just get on or off a train whenever they want, double-back, change their minds or decide to extend their trip.  Many of the cars have built-in lifts but for some fool reason (we were told, and it *is* foolish, since it is for the convenience of station personnel rather than the safety or convenience of the disabled traveler), they are not able to be used by us.  I will continue to do my best to go along with the phoning ahead because it works out better when it is possible, but it is a ridiculous burden to put on someone who already has enough burdens, thank you very much.  IMHO, of course.


More tomorrow.  G’night

w/c mom


2 thoughts on “Notes on the train, 21 January 2014

  1. Beautiful sense of you on a train, seeing the world. Accessibility is getting better here – all new buildings and structures have to be accessible, and buses are al ready, but the old buildings and the old railway system are the same sort of nightmare. Good on you for pushing on through and getting out and about. xxxxx

  2. We have the same problem with old buildings. I don’t know if we have more old buildings than you, or it’s just that some of the areas are older. There are places that are simply no-go for me because it isn’t just the buildings, it is the sidewalks and the streets. They are out to get me! *silly grin* I’m having a great time.

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